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St. Fergal’s Newsletter


Notice :-

St Fergal’s Church Re-opening Mass Celebration on:-

Tuesday the 30th of June 2020 at 9.30am

 It’s wonderful to be able to welcome you all back to St  Fergal’sChurch, (albeit in reduced numbers) for the present.  The situation we find ourselves in at is time is daunting, and we have had to make a few changes to  ensure that above all, we all stay safe, and that we are abiding by the HSE Guidelines.   Measures have been put in place to ensure the safe Entry to, and Exit from, our Church.   But, most importantly we must ensure that the Sacraments be celebrated in a Holy and Prayerful way.   We ask for your patience over the next few weeks, and to work with us, until we find a way back that is manageable, and above all safe for everyone.    There are a couple of changes  which I need to make you aware of before we begin Mass.

  • Please Sanitize your hands on Entering the Church
  • There will be no collection baskets distributed during Mass, but we ask that the envelopes which will be handed out as you enter the Church on Sunday’s be used for your offerings, and that these envelopes be dropped into either the Wooden Boxes, or the Baskets at the back of the Church, as you leave.
  • Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, there we no Easter Dues Envelopes distributed from the Church this year, however, there are Dues Envelopes available for collection from the tables at the back of the Church, and if you could contribute at this late stage it would be very much appreciated. The Dues collection money is used in conjuction with the First Collection to pay the Priests Wages, and to support the sick, and retired priests across the Diocese, and as you can imagine there has been a huge shortfall in this fund over the past few months.
  • The next item I need to inform you about is the distribution of Holy Communion. For the foreseeable future, this will take place at           The END of Mass  so people will not be returning to their seats, and this will help to eleviate another social distancing problem.    So, Please follow the arrows, and approach the Altar row by row, up the SIDE Aisles, and leave the Church immediately by the  CENTRE Aisle, that would be good.
  • Please fill the seats row by row using the seat markings, and do not delay leaving the Church, or the Church Grounds, as there is a time limit in place for all Gatherings at the moment, and we need to sanitise the Church after each Mass.
  • Unfortunately the Toilets in the Church must remain closed.
  •  Parents:- We ask that all Children remain seated during Mass.
  •  There will be no Missalettes, Newsletters, or Papers, in the Church for                the  foreseeable future, but all our Parish information will be  available on the website.
  •  We will do our best to keep you updated with any changes that may   occur, but for the moment, once again, I ask for your patience and tolerance, this situation we find ourselves in is a learning curve for all of us.

Thank you.

Fr Jimmy Mc Partland. Co P.P.   Bray & Enniskerry Pastoral Area


Advice for the people: From Archbishop Martin


  • The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays is suspended.
  • Our experience of Mass will be different for many months yet.
  • Do your best not to block the doors entering and leaving.
  • Do your best to respect physical distancing. Sanitize your hands on entry.
  • Please go to and remain in the place shown you by volunteer stewards.
  • There is no physical Sign of Peace until further notice.
  • Please leave patiently and promptly after Mass.
  • Try to keep the lighting of candles at shrines to private visits to your Church when it is open at times other          than for Mass. 
  • Remember that hand sanitiser can be flammable, so ensure your hands are completely dry before lighting candles. 





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