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St. Fergal’s Newsletter

The Deep End

What do you want?

What people want is at the heart of today’s parable. A king invites people to his son’s wedding banquet, but their minds are on other things; they don’t see the value of the invitation. They don’t want it. Jesus’ story tells us that rather than being an imposition, our faith is an invitation, a gift.

It’s been said that the biggest problem with consumerism is not that it makes us want too much, but it makes us want too little; it diverts and distracts us with lesser things. The world we live in is, now more than ever, full of appeals to our most precious possession: our attention. We are, so to speak, in contact receipt of many invitations. There is so much than conspires to steal our attention from what is deepest and most important.

When the king of Jesus’ parable issued the invitation to his son’s wedding banquet, people’s attention’s were elsewhere, they wanted other things. And some of them, evidently, were angry at what they perceived to be an imposition on their time and own their priorities.

We would do well to let this parable of Jesus pose two simple questions to us. First, do we habitually think of our faith – the practice and the living out of our faith – as an imposition or as an invitation? Second, what do we want – for ourselves and for our loved ones?

Fr Chris Hayden




Saturday Vigil Mass 14th October 2017.

7.00 pm Aaron Patrick O’Sullivan (Anniv).

Sunday 15th October 2017

8.00 am Niall Davitt  (Rec.Dec.)

10.30am Paddy Devine (Rec. Dec.)

John Geraghty (Rec. Dec.)

Paddy Dempsey (Rec. Dec.)

Angela O’Rourke (Rec.Dec.)

Harry Rynhart (Anniv.).

Bernadette Murphy (Anniv.).

Christopher & Anne Healy (Anniv.)

Patrick & Christina Moloney (Anniv.)

Michael & James O’Brien (Anniv).

Fr Larry (Get Well Intention)

We are also asked to remember in our prayers:-

Bill O’Leary, Bill Costello, and Joe Metcalfe.

Those who die in grace go no further from us than God and God is very near.



Last weekend the Family Offering Collection amounted to: €540.00

The Share Collection last week amounted to: €741.00

Thank you for your generosity.


Altar List of the Dead

Envelopes and Sheets

Altar List of the Dead envelopes are available at the back of the church. All whose names are listed will be remembered at Masses on the Feast of All Saints, the Feast of All Souls and at the 9.30 a.m. Mass on the First Monday of each month.

On Tuesday 14th November at 7.30 p.m. we will remember all our parishioners who died during the past year.


Novena to St Anthony

On Tuesday Mornings during the 9.30am Mass


Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament

Every Friday from 10.00am -1.00p.m


Parish Christmas Cards

Packs of assorted Parish Christmas Cards

are available to purchase in the Church after all Masses

and the Parish Office.

€4 for 6 cards.

Those who receive the cards will be remembered

in the Christmas Masses being offered in the Parish


St. Fergal’s


Great Prizes to be won!

1st Prize

32” Walker – Flat Screen TV

2nd Prize

Ltd Edition Giclée Print

by Peter Growney

3rd Prize

Powerscourt Golf Club

4 Ball Green Fees


4th Prize

€100 Gift Bond for

Whelan’s Craft Butchers

5th Prize

Luxury Christmas Hamper

6th Prize

6 Bottles of Wine



Tickets are on sale in the Church

this weekend & in the Parish Office.

€1 per ticket or book of 6 for €5.

The draw will take place in the Church after the

Christmas Carol Concert on

Saturday 14th December 2017


World Mission Sunday 22nd October 2017

Next weekend we celebrate Mission Sunday and remember the many priests, sisters, and lay people who have gone to different countries through the world to help in whatever way they can to spread the Gospel.

This annual appeal will replace the usual

Share Collection




Mon. 16th – Sat. 21st October 2017

Monday 16th October

9.30am: John Moorehouse.

Rm 1:1-7. Ps 97:1-4,

R/ v 2. Lk 11:29-32.

Tuesday 17th October

9.30am: Deceased members of the Metcalfe Family.

Rm 1:16-25. Ps 18:2-5,

R/ v 2. Lk 11:37-41.

Wednesday 18th October

9.30am: No Mass: Prayer Service.

2 Tm 4:10-17. Ps 144:10-13, 17-18,

R/ v 12. Lk 10:1-9.

Thursday 19th October

9.30am: John Hunt (Remembrance).

Rm 3:21-30. Ps 129:1-6,

R/ v 7. Lk 11:47-54.

Friday 20th October

9.30am: Margaret Hunt (Special Intention).

Rm 4:1-8. Ps 31:1-2, 5, 11,

R/ cf v 7. Lk 12:1-7.

Saturday 21st October

9.30am: No Mass: Prayer Service.

Rm 4:13, 16-18.Ps 104:6-9, 42-43,

R/ v 8. Lk 12:8-12.



21st/22nd October 2017


Ministers of the Eucharist:

7:00 pm          Mary Keegan, Brendan Fisher, Eileen O’Donnell.

8:00 am          Bridget Waters, Mary Bolger

10:30 am        Margaret Ryan, Ellen Gormley, Michael Lyons,

Margaret Foley, Carin Geografo

Nursing Home Rota:

                    Tina Ryan, Mary Bishop,

Margaret Ryan         

Ministers of the Word

7.00pm           Marie Hegarty

8:00am          Marie Dunphy

10.30am       Betty Prenter

Altar Servers’ Rota

7.00pm     Zach & Luke Fisher

10.30am   Niamh Beronga & Leanne Paglinawan


Anniversary Tea Dance

Please join us for the First Anniversary of the monthly Tea Dance.

This takes place in Little Bray Community Centre on

Sunday 15th October from 3 pm – 5 pm

Music from the fabulous Wicklow Man.

Admission €5.

Please call 01-2867644 for more information.


St. Fergal’s Gospel Choir

St. Fergal’s Gospel Choir are looking for a keyboard player, and for new members.

Gospel music is uplifting and inspiring.

So, if you are interested in joining the group please leave your contact details at the

Parish Office. Many Thanks.


Steps 2 Serenity: 12 Step Meditation and Prayer Evenings

Manresa Retreat Centre, Clontarf offers an opportunity to people on twelve step programmes to deepen their awareness of themselves as they seek to improve their conscious contact with God “as they understand him”. The Serenity Prayer offers a vision life that is rooted in faith, open to new possibilities and yet serene in the face of limitations. On the Third Wednesday of each month, except during the Summer, there is a gathering.

No need to book.

Third Wednesday 8.00 pm- 9.30 pm



Moderator,  Rev Larry Behan. The Parochial House, St Fergal’s,

Killarney Road, Bray.

Team Assistant: Fr. Hugh O’Donnell O.F.M.

Sacristy: Tel. 2768194

Parish Office: Mon, Wed, &Thurs 10.00a.m.-3.00p.m.

Tuesday 10.00-5.00p.m.

Friday- CLOSED. Tel. 2860980



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Weekdays: 9.30 a.m.

Baptisms: 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month at 12.00 noon. Three week’s notice before the preparation meeting is required. Preparation meeting is normally held on the Monday before the First Saturday Sacrament.