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St. Fergal’s Newsletter

The Deep End

The Lamb of God

In today’s Gospel, John the Baptist is inviting us to look at Jesus.  He calls Jesus the ‘lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world’.    We say these words often at Mass and today we are invited to meditate on them more closely.  What does it mean?  In Jesus’ time, two lambs were sacrificed in the Temple in Jerusalem each day.  It was a ritual that invoked purity.  Jesus will preach a love that is radical for many, in a world that was, and still is, broken.  John refers to Jesus as the lamb as he knows that anyone who loves in such a way, will suffer at the hands of unjust systems and institutions.

When we look at the ‘sins’ of our world today – broken relationships, crisis, can we also see those who, like Jesus, ‘take away’ the sins of the world?  Christ’s love was not passive, he actively challenged systems that were oppressive and which prevented people from living life to the full.  Whether it be the climate crisis or the homelessness crisis or any number of issues we face, ‘look’ where Jesus walks and is actively working to ease their suffering.  When we hear these words at Mass, let us be reminded of all those who sacrifice much to ease the suffering of others.    This is Christ, the ‘lamb of God’ active in our world today.

 The descent into the waters of our spirit, is a journey into the presence of divinity…all human beings are children of God but not all live in awareness that there is ‘that of God’ within them.      W.L. Wallace

Jane Mellett


BRAY, CO WICKLOW.  Parish Website:



Saturday Vigil Mass 18th Jan 2020

7.00pm    Aidan Kane (Anniv)                                          

Sunday 19th Jan 2020

8.00am  Gertrude & David Coughlan (Anniv)                                      

10.30am. Kevin Kearns (Rec Dec)

                Bronagh Manweiler (Rec Dec)

                Shaun Temple (Rec Dec)

                Arthur Murrells (Rec Dec)

                Vincent O’Brien ( Rec Dec)

                Sarah Eliz McCarthy(Rec Dec)

                Jim Carroll (Rec Dec)

                Lylah Gaskin (Rec Dec)

                 Mary Keating (Anniv)

                Stella O’Toole (Anniv)

Those who die in grace go no further from us than to God, and God is always very near.



Last weekend The Family Offering Collection amounted to €535.00

The Share Collection amounted to  €947.00


Novena to St Anthony

On Tuesday Mornings during the 9.30am Mass


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

On Friday Mornings from 10.00am to 1.00pm


Second Sunday Ordinary Time

World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Christian Unity Week Begins on the 18th of January

Jesus came as the Servant of God to serve the deepest needs of people.   He offered his life to  remove the tragedy of sin from human life and so restore us to peace with God, and each other.


Thought for the day

In John’s Gospel, the first thing that any human being says of Jesus is found on the lips of John the Baptist: Look, there is the Lamb of God. We think naturally and correctly of the Passover lamb and of the Passover, the feast, which marks the liberation of Israel. To be set free is a wonderful experience and we could reflect on how I experience my freedom in Christ. From what have I been set free? (For example, fear of death, the risk of absurdity, sins and false directions in life…) Even more important, for what have I been set free?


Jesus, Lamb of God, help me to recognise whatever in me is holding me back from life in abundance: give me your life, your forgiveness, your healing.  In you I place my trust.


Wicklow Hospice Open Day

The 25th and 26th of January from 11.00am-3.00pm with tours being provided.   Please come along and see the wonderful Hospice that has been built by the People of Co Wicklow, a fantastic achievement!    Wicklow Hospice, Magheramore, eircode A67 A44.


World Day of the Sick 2020:

The World Day of the Sick Seminar will take place on Saturday, February 8th  from 9.30am to 1.00pm in the Newtown Parish Pastoral Centre, Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, Co Dublin.  This year’s theme is on Hope in the Face of Suicide – The World Day of the Sick Mass will take place the following day on Sunday 9th February in Church of the Guardian Angels, Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, A94 WF89.   For further information please contact – Trish Conway on M:  087 6220349.


The Encounter  Join other young adults (20’s & 30’s) for a night of live acoustic music, reflective prayer in adoration, on life, faith and purpose – there will be food and refreshments afterwards on  Friday 24th January at 8.00pm in St. Paul’s, Arran Quay, D.1. For more information email:


Parish Cake Sale – 2020

The first of our monthly Cake Sale’s  and Raffle’s for 2020 will take place:- NEXT Weekend the  25th & 26th of January.   We  really are in need of  some extra volunteer bakers, if you can help in any small way, we would be most grateful.  Thank you for your support throughout the year.



The Ecumenical worship service for the week of Christian unity 2020 will be held at Queen of Peace Church, Vevay Road, Bray this year, on Wednesday 22 January at 8pm.   You can find more about the week of prayer for Christian Unity here:


Retrouvaille –

A Lifeline for Married Couples: Do you want to improve the communication with your spouse? Do you feel lost, alone or bored in your marriage? Are you hurt, frustrated or angry with your spouse? Does talking about it only make it worse? The Retrouvaille programme can help marriages at all stages. Next programme starts 7th  – 9th February. For information contact Tony & Anne (01) 495 3536, Mike & Anne (01) 450 0922, text or call 086 413 5440, or email or



Mon 20th – Sat 25th Jan 2020

Monday 20th Jan

9.30am  Aidan Kane ( Anniv)

1 Sm 15:16-23. Ps 49:8-9, 16-17, 21, 23,

R/ v 23. Mk 2:18-22.

Tuesday 21st Jan

Feast of St. Agnes

9.30am Michael McHugh (Anniv)

             Paul McHugh (Rem)

1 Sm 16:1-13. Ps 88:20-22, 27-28,

R/ v 21. Mk 2:23-28.

Wednesday 22nd Jan

Feast of St Vincent

9.30am Gertie McKeever (Anniv)

1 Sm 17:32-33, 37, 40-51. Ps 143:1-2, 9-10,

R/ v 1. Mk 3:1-6.

Thursday 23rd Jan

9.30am Jack Sterling (Rec Dec)                                          

1 Sm 18:6-9, 19:1-7. Ps 55:2-3, 9-14,

R/ 5. Mk 3:7-12.

Friday 24th Jan

Feast of St Francis

9.30am Ena & Tom Murphy (Anniv)

2 Sm 24:3-21. Ps 56:2-4, 6, 11,

R/ v 2. Mk 3:13-19.

Saturday  25th Jan

The Conversion of St Paul

9.30 am – Prayer Service

Acts 22:3-16 of Acts9:1-22. Ps 116:1-2,

R/ Mk 16:15. Mk 16:15-18.



Merciful God, you sent your Son, the spotless Lamb, to take upon himself the sin of the world.

Make our lives holy, that your Church may bear witness to your purpose of reconciling all things in Christ, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.



Ministers of the Eucharist:

25th & 26th January 2020

7:00pm     Mary Keegan

                 Brendan Fisher

                 Eileen O’Donnell


 8.00am     Bridget Waters

                 Mary Bolger


10:30am   Michael Lyons, Mary Keogh,

                 Margaret Broderick,

                 Mary Breen, Pat Martin.

Nursing Home Rota:

Margaret Broderick

Vicky Byrne

Margaret Ryan

Ministers of the Word

7.00pm   Marie Therese Kennan O’Dowd

8.00am   John Heywood

10.30am Do This in Memory Mass



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